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Welcome to Laurenariza.com / Recipe Schmecipe. I’m Lauren (if that wasn’t obvious) and  I live in sunny southern California with my husband, baby, and pup. I love my amazing family, and my wonderful friends. 

I like getting creative in the kitchen, especially when it comes to throwing out the recipe book and using my imagination with what I have on hand…. hence the “recipe schmecipe” bit.  My goal is to show people that anyone can cook (I think I just quoted the Disney movie ‘Ratatouille’) but seriously, ANYONE can and it can actually be super fun too! Most things I make are on the healthy side, mainly because I was raised to have that frame of mind… But I love to indulge in rich things like mac n’ cheese and ice cream as well… so this is by no means a health food blog. This is everything and anything that can be created in the kitchen.
If you want to know what I’m about it’s simple: “You will know them by their l o v e”- Loosely interpreted from John 13: 34-35 and tattooed on my arm <3. It is something I wish was always true and something I aspire to have true about myself. Loving others should come first and everything else second (or not at all, kinda like Thumper’s mama always said).
P.S. Do not be alarmed by all the parentheses and ellipses that I use… It’s just kinda my thing. (see, I even did it right there, aaaand here)


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