Friends and followers. I just wanted to check in and A) APOLOGIZE that it’s been sooo long since I last posted a recipe and B) Let you know that I have lots of good stuff coming soon!

The delay is due, in part, because I have been either under the weather, traveling with family, OR experimenting new ideas, NONE of which are a good excuse I know. Below (but not in particular order) I have left a small list of things coming in the near future for you to look forward to! Also, I always love hearing from you guys (be it email or comment) so let me know if you have anything you’re particularly excited about or if you’re looking for a specific new recipe for something else! Thank you so so much for coming here so often and trusting my recipes. I truly appreciate each and every one of you Xx


• Garam masala braised short ribs with potato and cauliflower puree

• Make ahead Christmas breakfast pie

• “What’s in a Name?” Rose Water Cocktail (perfect for New Year’s Eve)

• My homemade take on Makoto Ginger salad dressing

• A collection of delicious and easy interchangeable appetizer ingredients

• The perfect green curry (preparations pictured above)


Sending all my love!