People have been asking me to start posting kitchen essentials, gadgets etc. So I’m starting with a gadget that I can’t believe didn’t exist sooner than it did and saves me a TON.

It’s rare that I finish an entire avocado in one sitting and I hate when they oxidize and turn all brown and disgusting. So here’s the solution and where to find it!

If you haven’t bought an AVO SAVER yet, then you should definitely read on. The funny thing is how simple the solution is…. Basically the only reason your avocado turns brown is because its exposed to air. This little contraption prevents that from happening.

If you only plan on using one half of an avocado, use the side without the seed. To store your other half, leave the seed intact, place it face down on your saver, and pull the strap over the back to secure it. I always store mine in the fridge and it lasts SO much longer than if you just wrap it up or put in a tupperware.

They are sold at for next to nothing and think of how much money you’ll save not tossing brown avocados.

Simple gadget, I know, but if you haven’t heard of it yet, then its a solution to a very common and annoying problem… at least it was for me!