I recently rediscovered my love for asparagus. I could eat it everyday, and kind of do right now. I like it anyway it can be prepared- sautéed, roasted… I even like it raw (in my RAW ASPARAGUS AND LEEK SALAD WITH LEMON ACHOVY DRESSING). I buy a couple bundles at a time and keep ’em around for whenever I’m craving it… which is all the time. So here is the best way to keep these puppies fresh!

*Also, you can find a quick recipe for a simple but so so yummy sautéed asparagus at the end of this post!

1) Fill a bowl or shallow dish with a flat bottom with about an inch of fresh water.

2) …This next part is pretty difficult so be patient…. PLACE THE BUNDLE IN THE WATER.

Phew! Aren’t you glad that’s over!

3) Place in a cool dry place until you’re ready to use.

Try this quick sautéed asparagus recipe:


1/2 Tbs Butter

1/2 Tbs Coconut Oil

1 Bundle asparagus (cut into 1 1/2 ” pieces)



In a saute pan: get butter and coconut oil going over medium to medium-high heat.

Add your asparagus. Sauté, stirring often, until good caramelization starts to show and asparagus is tender

(dark- golden brown in places- about 7 minutes).

Sprinkle with Salt and Pepper.